About me

Over the past 5 years, I've been creating digital user-centered experiences for various clients and companies, focusing on user interface and user experience design.

I got my start at Rocketmade in St. George, Utah as a UI/UX designer, where I fell in love with the crazy Red-Bull-fueled pace of the startup environment and its diverse design demands.

I'm currently working as a product designer at Anonyome Labs, where I lead the design of our flagship mobile app, MySudo. I'm lucky to part of a team with some of the most hard-working and talented people I know, taking on complex privacy problems and turning them into easy-to-use solutions for our users.

When I'm not sharpening my design skills and OCD'ing over the number of typestyles on a screen, you can spot me in the wild fishing the nearest river, biking in the desert, or getting my butt kicked in Smash Bros.